100 Ways to Elevate Your Creativity

Over the last four years I have become more and more fascinated by creativity and how it can be accessed, utilised and expressed. When I first started coaching nearly four years ago now I wanted to be a health and wellness coach. It seemed like a nice vibey type thing to do and was in line with my values so I thought ‘Yeah, why not, I’m going to give this a shot’.

Over time though, I have found more and more my clients are all really creative humans. And I don’t mean creative in that they are all artists or writers, it is something that flourishes within them in so many different ways and I believe it does in all of it.

I have become so interested in it, and I am such a research nerd, that I have researched so many ways of elevating our creativity – finding ways to get into creative flow, to do deep work, and to really use the time we have in the day to our advantage so that we are able to get into our creative zone when we need to.

I have read a ridiculous amount of books on creativity, listened to hours and hours of podcasts, read blog posts, journal articles, watched videos and just generally been very interested in all things creativity.

It was with that in mind that I thought it would be a wonderful idea to share with you 100 Ways to Elevate Creativity. These tips are based on four years of research, coaching, and my own creative process.

I have also created a wonderful free Desktop Wallpaper Download to go with it with 100 Ways to Elevate Your Creativity. Download your free desktop wallpaper by clicking the image below (and read the full list below the image).

100 Ways to Elevate Your Creativity


1. Limit distractions
2. Work offline
3. Go for a walk
4. Do one thing at a time
5. Keep it simple
6. Meditate
7. Listen to music
8. Be organised
9. Schedule creative work
10. Visualise your goals
11. Ask the universe for guidance
12. Go outside
13. Spend time in nature
14. Take breaks
15. Work less
16. Start work early, finish early
17. Work alone
18. Collaborate
19. Brainstorm
20. Morning pages (Julia Cameron)
21. Trust
22. Set goals
23. Be adaptive
24. Work on deep work 4 hours a day
25. Rest
26. Take up a hobby
27. Enjoy leisure activities
28. Go on holiday
29. Express yourself
30. Be open to change
31. Break goals into bite sized chunks
32. Log off social media
33. Schedule social media free time
34. Work to an alarm
35. Keep writing
36. Don’t give up
37. Stop comparing
38. Charge money for your creative work
39. Stop occasionally
40. Know that there are infinite ways to create
41. Trust your talent
42. Believe in yourself
43. Be your #1 fan
44. Celebrate your success
45. Take action
46. Notice how good it feels to finish things
47. Finish things
48. Start projects
49. Know that starting is sometimes the hardest part
50. Befriend your inner critic
51.Recognise fear as an illusion
52. Do something that scares you daily
53. Learn how to manifest
54. Read “Rest: Why you get more done when you work less” Alex Soojung-Kim Pang
55. Read “The organised mind” Daniel Levitin
56. Read “Big Magic” Elizabeth Gilbert
57. Just do it
58. Stop being a perfectionist
59. Be kind to yourself
60. Treat yourself like a precious object (Julia Cameron)
61. Learn a new skill
62. Do work you love
63. Know what you value
64. Tell stories
65. Listen to your intuition
66. Set intentions
67. Know that you’re a channel of creative energy
68. Sit in silence
69. Take risks
70. Learn how to fail
71. Be willing to fail
72. Start before you are ready
73. Celebrate small wins
74. Notice how you feel in creative flow
75. Surround yourself with creative people
76. Embrace fear
77. Have a vision
78. Create a plan
79. Notice what you are good at
80. Do more of that
81. Be okay with the pivot
82. Limit email checking
83. Have a designated work space
84. End your work day before you have finished
85. Be playful
86. Notice what inspires you
87. Take up walking
88. Take on feedback
89. Learn from your mistakes
90. Be generous
91. Know your worth
92. Have courage
93. Go slowly
94. Nurture your creativity
95. Ask for help
96. Hang out with ‘successful’ people
97. Let go of old projects
98. When all else fails, drink tea
99. Take sabbaticals
100. Make lists

Download your copy of the free desktop wallpaper below.


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