IMGP5948Tess Bartlett is a Master Practitioner of Coaching, NLP and Meta Dynamics™ and a certified Life Coach dedicated to transforming both the inner and outer world of herself and others. Dedicated to lifelong learning Tess holds a BA in Psychology and Criminology, Honours (1st) in Criminology and is currently completing a PhD examining the experiences of primary carer fathers imprisoned in Victoria and the implications for children.

Tess works with women who are seeking freedom within. She practiced mindfulness and self-compassion in her personal life for several years before incorporating spiritual practices into her coaching practice where she works with clients to create conscious awareness, emotional intelligence and strategies that will have lasting change on both the individual and those around them. Tess has done extensive voluntary work with youth and children who are facing vulnerability, has been a guest speaker at wellness events and continues to develop a creative program with mindfulness for men and women in correctional facilities in Victoria. Along with one-on-one coaching Tess runs workshops, trainings, and online programs as well as being a writer where she has published in magazines, books, journals, and blogs. Tess is currently writing a memoir/self-help book on overcoming addiction and fear.

Tess is a highly experienced learner, teacher, researcher and leader stretching across a variety of fields. She is also a recognised member of the International Institute for Complimentary Therapists. You can read her person story here.


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