What it means to notice the pink cherry blossom in life

I was sitting on the train today, and I opened my eyes to the present. I have always been a day dreamer; quite content to sit in silence and ponder life. However, closer examination reveals that this so called “day dreaming” could quite easily be defined as self-obsession. Sure I was thinking, but generally I […]

Could compassion be the answer when dealing with the prison population?

I am employed in various positions, both paid and unpaid, in which I am involved in some way with the criminal justice system. One of my positions involves conducting interviews with prisoners and their families on several different projects. When I explain to others what I do, I typically get two responses – both associated […]

Giving, with words.

This afternoon I was thinking about ‘us’ – you and me, him and her, and them – and about what makes us tick. From day-to-day, we get by with very little. We are very good at adapting to conditions and making use of what we have. In terms of material possessions, we don’t actually need […]