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#getunstuck creative challenge

For nearly ten years I worked as a researcher in Universities. I loved researching, but missed human connection and the pleasure that comes with helping others.

I was experiencing self-doubt, insecurity, and fear around my creativity and as a result had blocks around moving forward. I was completely and utterly stuck.

Early in 2014 I kept finding myself pouring over other blogs, wondering what these writers did for a living, it was then that I came across The Coaching Institute (TCI) and was enrolled several months later.

I realised at the first training how much of a perfectionist I had been my whole life and how it had prevented me from taking action and doing all the creative things I wanted to do.

I would gather research in the hope that one day I’d have enough information for me to be ‘ready’. I simply wasn’t backing myself and believing I could succeed.

It was being in a group of people, having the accountability and taking certain steps that has allowed me to move forward.That’s why I created the 20 Day #getunstuck challenge, to share these steps with you.

p.s. the challenge is FREE however the time and energy you put into it will be required!

This challenge is designed for those of you with ample ideas, inspiration and creative energy (interpret this however you please) and who just need that little something that is going to propel you forward.

It will reignite your passion for your craft and get you taking ACTION.

The challenge is going to be packed full of learning, exercises, a meditation or two and I cannot wait to share it with you.

Sign up here! 20 Days to #getunstuck 

Starts March 1st.

Looking forward to moving forward and having fun.

With love, Tess x

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