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Do you feel trapped in a cocoon of fear? Paralysed and unable to do all the things you deeply desire?

Come along to the Freedom From Fear workshop and learn how to tend and befriend fear, how to be brave and to unleash your brilliance on the world.

This workshop is going to be all about you.

I would love for you to join me in a beautiful naturopathy clinic in Clifton Hill for an intimate workshop with eight other inspiring women where we will connect, share openly, discuss fear and learn and practice mindfulness and self-compassion.


Sharing a session with her was like going to the hairdressers for my soul – I always felt sparkly and re-energized afterward! She has a great way of working WITH you so that you always feel in the driver’s seat and yet held in a process at the same time. She balanced introspective exploration with informative and structured activities to match what I needed in that moment.

Working together with Tess, I was able to look so much more creatively and closely at where I am, where I want to be, what can help me get there, and what gets in my way. I am excited for this next chapter in my life – she has helped Dreams come true!!!”

Metta, Musician/Educator, Melbourne


This workshop is for you if:

– You feel stuck in your career, your relationship, or even life itself.

– You are unclear about the future and spend too much time worrying, planning, and fretting.

– Due to this you feel overwhelmed and find yourself PROCRASTINATING and wracked with FEAR, INSECURITY, and SELF-DOUBT.

– You catch a glimpse of your dreams and visions, but are CAUGHT IN A TRAP OF NEGATIVE THINKING and HARSH SELF-CRITICISM

– Your true desire is to feel calm, content and connected.

You’ll walk away with:

– A deeper understanding and connection with yourself and your place in the world

– Tools for tending and befriending fear and how to be brave and do what you love

– A sound understanding of self-compassion and mindfulness and why these are crucial in dealing with fear

– Connection to a small group of women who are on the same inner journey as you

– The opportunity to take up a one on one session with Tess that is solely focused on unlocking your fears

– You will walk away from the workshop knowing you are going to conquer your fears and take on the world with your brilliance.




+ You will be guided through a series of mindfulness meditations and discuss self-compassion and fear in a open and safe environment.

+ We will do several exercises that are designed to bring you a deeper understanding of yourself and your current fears so you are better placed to deal with them on a daily basis.

+ You will enjoy a beautiful vegan raw food snack made by the talented Charlotte Megan Graham.

+ You will take away some worksheets ready for you to unleash your brilliance on the world

Freedom from fear is about reconnecting you with yourself and learning how to be brave



You can read my own personal experience of dealing with fear at the following:

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When: Sunday 9th August 1 – 5 pm and Sunday 16th August 1 – 5 pm (two dates/same workshop)

Venue: Mein Naturopathy Clifton Hill, Level 3, 370 Queens Pde, North Fitzroy, 3068 VIC

Tickets: Adult $99/Concession $79



4 comments on “Freedom From Fear

  1. Thank you Tess, for the “Freedom from Fear” workshop this past weekend. I went into the day with no expectations and was surprised at how much I learnt about looking at the fears and thought patterns that are dictating so much of my life. The workshop was warm, friendly and entertaining and a “safe” space to be honest with the other attendees. And the meditations were lovely, and reminded me of the importance of applying meditation to my daily life. Thank you again for a rewarding and informative day.

    • Thank you so much Liz! This is beautiful and it was so great to have you there on the day. What a wonderful group of women, I could feel the connection and bravery in the room – it really was quite special. Thanks again, Tess x

  2. Tess Bartlett is a beautiful model for young women who leads by example in creating the best version of ourselves that we can be. Tess is inspiring me to be thoughtful about my life without getting caught up in negative thinking, worry and fear, using the mind as a tool rather than an enemy. I particularly recommend the Freedom from Fear workshop as the group setting is a very conducive, safe environment for reflecting on our fears and doubts and having a good laugh at them.

    Tess is a warm, engaging woman of integrity who encourages me to be honest with myself without being pushy about which path to take, which paradoxically has been the most effective way to empower my own sense of worth and direction. I look forward to seeing more of Tess and am very grateful she is a mentor in my life.’

    • Thank you Pam! What a beautiful review.

      I am very grateful to be able to be in a room with such a lovely bunch of women talking about things that really matter. The honesty, love, and vulnerability in that space is incredible.

      Tess x

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