From away-ness to awareness like a whack to the head

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For around five years I have been doing what I can to incorporate a more mindful and conscious presence into my life. This occurred like a whack to the head, rather than like a beautiful light changing moment.


One day I was running around, not giving a shit about myself or how my actions affected others, and the next day I looked down and noticed my hands for the first time.


This probably sounds nuts, and I guess it kind of is. Let me explain.

How many of you can relate?  You’re heading to work in your car or on foot and after half an hour or so you suddenly notice that for the last 30 minutes you have been completely lost in thought, most likely thinking about, well, you.

We are in a constant state of away-ness that sometimes we forget to see the beauty that is right in front of us.

I don’t mean that everything is sunshine, rainbows, and unicorns – far from it. Sometimes life is hard and we face challenges; it is inevitable, we are human. There is an innate beauty in that which is right here, in this moment.

Whether it is the insight that comes from a deep and reflective sadness, or the love that comes with the pain of losing someone. All of the situations, events, and moments that bring us difficult emotions also have the power to bring us freedom, peace, and wonder. 


While I do tend to write and teach mindfulness a lot, I am not actually an advocate of constant mindful awareness as I believe (and research has shown) that creativity comes from those moments of mind wandering that see us floating off into space when we are in nature, exercising, or doodling. It is only when we begin ruminating (delving into negative thoughts of the past, or the future) that we are likely to benefit from coming back to the present moment.

When you look down and notice your hands you are here, in this moment. Not lost in your thoughts of yesterday, or caught up in that never occurring tomorrow. Right here, right now.

Let’s find the beauty in now.
With love,

Tess x

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