How to achieve goals and 5 winning recipes for delicious bite sized bliss balls

Just a quick post for those of you out there who feel like the need EVERYTHING NOW. I hear you, I am one of you, and it is only recently that I’ve discovered that this is not the most comfortable or self-nurturing quality I possess. Too often I sprint flat out towards the prize until I hit a wall and can’t move a muscle and have to rest for several weeks because I’ve tried again to have everything now.

I am reminded of when I was a kid. I used to love long distance running and triathlons at primary school. I would get over excited and intent on winning. Only, I never knew how to pace myself and  would run so hard the entire way that I would use up all my energy and get to the end and collapse in a heap struggling to breathe. I never knew what I was doing wrong. The doctor told me I had ‘sports asthma.’ When I told a friend of mine this recently he couldn’t stop laughing, ‘Sports asthma!’ He cried. ‘Sports asthma!’ ‘There’s no such thing as sports asthma! You were just winded!’ I was dumbfounded, but also had some insight into my little twelve year old self. I was so determined on getting that prize that I was willing to injure myself in the process, I just couldn’t comprehend the idea of pacing myself.

This incident got me thinking because  this week I started out on a new and exciting journey of starting up my own holistic health and life coaching business. I felt myself in that twelve year old mindset. Sprinting non-stop into the future. I could feel the stress levels increasing, feel the mind racing, hear the warning bells WARNING and so for the first time in my life I slowed down before I got to the finish line, and boy does it feel good.

Everyone’s goals, and ways of achieving them, are different. Some people might thrive on stress and overwork. I have found (and it only took me 31 years to figure it out) that I need to break everything down into bite sized chunks and move forward at a slow and steady pace.

This morning as I was practicing my meditation I had several insights (the first was about my twelve year old self) that I would like to share for those of us who have a tendency to lean towards ‘sports asthma’:

1: Everything is perfect just the way it is

2: A stressed body is not a healthy body

3: Multi tasking is not winning (it simply means you are doing more things less effectively)

4: Nurturing thy self is the answer, meaning – rest, relaxation, stillness, pacing yourself, meditation, good food, good company, laughter, and fun

5: Pace yourself – sports asthma anyone?

6: Inflammation is worse when stress levels are high and there is not enough green vegetables and nutrients in the system – this is particularly so for those people with injuries and something I have to watch due to having a dysplastic hip (you can read more about that here and here)

7: You are worth it.

8: You are the one who has to do it, no one else can hand you your dream on a platter. Putting one foot in front of the other and slowly nibbling your way through those delicious bite sized chunks will get you there. All it takes is ACTION.

I have included a list of some of my favourite recipes for delicious bite sized chunks to get you on your way to achieving your goals (all images are from the recipe authors blogs). All of these recipes are free from gluten, dairy and refined sugars.

These are raw apricot, dark chocolate and coconut bites from My Darling Lemon Thyme’s blog.

bite sized balls

Below are some Raw Lemon and Honey Truffles by one of my favourite foodies –  Petite Kitchen. These are so good!

petite kitchen balls

These Spirulina and Cacao Bliss Balls are rich and full of amazing superfood goodness. They are by the wonderfully talented and creative Naturally Sassy and featured on the Organic Burst website.

spirulina and cacao bliss balls

These Lemon and Vanilla Protein Balls were created by Nutritionist Jessica Cox. They are filled with amazing goodness and yummy for your tummy.

jessica coz balls


These yummy little Cacao Coconut Rough Balls are from Secret Squirrels delicious food blog – go on over to her blog and check it out. So many delicious treats to try out 🙂




2 comments on “How to achieve goals and 5 winning recipes for delicious bite sized bliss balls

  1. I love your blog everything about it; the delicious recipes you share, the photos and your writing. I think the direction you’ve taken in the last couple is great in particular the succint way you’re sharing a dream or memory and relating it to an issue or contemporary theme. Really good writing and sharing. Quite inspiring Tess. That whole incident when you were 12 with the running (which happened a couple of times I recall) was really difficult for me too as a parent. Yet another time when I wasn’t assertive or direct about my beliefs and understanding of the situation. I knew you were ok, my understanding of asthma meant I just couldn’t see how it could have been that but I sort of needed to let things roll and to go with the so called experts. I think Jedd and I talked about it and just decided to ignore the doctor and let it go.

    It’s interesting how often we defer to “experts” in a fearful situation instead of taking it slowly and thinking about what’s going on and then figuring it out. Just as you say we allowed ourselves to be persuaded about a situation, racing into getting a diagnosis for you instead which was plainly ridiculous given your medical history and the circumstances that brought it on.

    Nelson Mandela once said that it was important to use your talents not to keep them hidden that using talents and letting the light within us shine was a sort of responsibility we have to ourselves and also to those around us. To lead by example so that those around us will benefit from our example and through us gain the courage to take up their own challenges. I think I’ll develop this in my own writing. Thanks Tess for this and making me want to write too.

    • Thanks you, such kind words. What a funny image I have of my 12 year old self. I think I need to read more about Nelson Mandela, what an amazing person and so many wise words. I’m glad I could inspire you to write x

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