How to live an inspired life

I am so thrilled to be featured in the April Edition of The Successful Coach Magazine with an article called “How to Live an Inspired Life” here is a sneak peak, for more click on the link below:

1. Motivation and moving away

Imagine this: John is sick of being overweight and wants to lose weight in order to no longer experience the pain he is currently in. In the world of coaching we talk of moving away language.

In this example John is moving away from being overweight and what he doesn’t want. John is likely to gain motivation from others, from his personal trainer, his coach and largely external sources as he strives to meet his goals.

When we are motivated we may be extremely determined and set on a particular goal (due to whatever it is we are moving away from) and we won’t let anything or anyone, interfere with that. However, motivation comes from behind us. It is the dog biting at our ankles, telling us we are not quite there yet. Motivation sits behind us on the bus, whispering in our ear that we ought to get out and walk the next two stops. We can choose to get out and follow this through, or we can sit in the comfort of our seat and watch the trees as they whiz by.

Suddenly, our mind turns to what we see outside, and we notice the trees and the sea and the beauty that is around us. Within this space we get a burst of creative inspiration click here to read more


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