How to take the big leap and step into your power

I believe every person has a song to sing and lately, I have been contemplating all of these songs floating about in minds all over the world just waiting to be sung.

You are probably someone who knows what you want, or perhaps you have a bigger dream to do even more, and you keep pushing it back into the depths of your mind because the thought of taking the next step, taking that big leap is scary and there might be a change or failure or, shock horror, success.

Occasionally when you’re in bed at night these visions float into your awareness, but almost instantly there is a cascade of thoughts that push them away because of not knowing where exactly to begin.

The thing is, what I have found over and over and over again is that wherever you are in your business, these dreams are real.

They matter.

They are possible.

They are in fact gifts, waiting to be opened.

How to take the Big Leap and Step Into Your Power

This blog series is dedicated to helping you take the big leap and step into your power. Here are some of the projects that might be tucked away inside you just waiting to be shown to the world:

You want to write that book

You want to start events

You want to get fully booked

You want to do a PhD

You want to deliver online courses

You want to start selling products and sell them in your sleep

You want to start a podcast

The list goes on, and on, and on.

It doesn’t matter what the next dream is, it’s about how to get you to take that big leap and step into that creative flow so you, me, and everyone around you can see the dream take shape.

Whatever it is you are aching to do, I am going to help you take that leap.

This step-by-step guide, ooosing with questions, exercises and ample information was designed with you in mind.

Drawing on nearly four years experience working with high-achieving women who have all taken massive leaps in their lives and business I will show you simple tools that will see you moving into your power easily and effortlessly.

All it will take is a little bit of your time, and commitment, but when it is about creating dreams who can resist right?

It’s time to put YOU first.

It is time to step into your power.

Here’s what you can expect

We’ll delve into why you have reached your “Upper Limit” by exploring your fears, signals, thoughts and behaviours.

#1: Get intimate with fear and overcome your blocks (read the post here)

#2. 5 signs you are at your upper limit and what to do about it

#3. Why procrastination is keeping you from taking the big leap

Then we will move onto what you can do to start moving forward:

#4. Reconnect with your vision and purpose

#5. Step into your Power

So, you’re in for a treat and if you want to learn more about how your mind might be keeping you from taking the big leap and stepping into your power then click on the button below and you will receive FREE access to an online training video I ran last year.



In this training video I provide step by step instructions on:

How to tame YOUR inner critic,

How to develop a powerful strategy to set and achieve goals

How to deal with overwhelm and procrastination AND

How to create your own empowering beliefs which will help you achieve those amazing goals


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