It’s time to get comfortable with the uncomfortable


For the last few months I have felt blocked creatively. While I am constantly writing as part of my PhD, and have been doing a lot of creative writing (and attempting to write a book!), I have been struggling to write anything that I feel is ‘worthy’ of your eyes.

I have felt like I don’t have the wisdom or inspiration that is necessary to be able to jump in your inbox and say ‘Hey, here I am and here is the conversation I’m starting up today.’

In the whole scheme of things this is fine, however in order for me to continue building relationships and doing the necessary things that will bring me sales I have to put pen to paper and … write something.

Every time I went to write I felt uncomfortable. It was like I was trying to move through thick mud. There was no ease or flow to what I had to say and so I would question it and say “Well, maybe don’t say anything at all.”

But maybe, just maybe, when we are in that uncomfortable in-between place we have in fact hit the sweet spot.

It wasn’t until I stopped listening to the mind, sat down and simply did it that this thing you’re reading right now eventuated and it happened – through doing.

It happened by staying with the uncomfortable and saying “yes” to whatever was rising within me. I started being open to what this uncomfortable feeling had to say.


Get comfortable with the uncomfortable

Whatever your version of success is, in order to achieve it, you need to get comfortable with the uncomfortable.

And I know how excruciating this can be.

When I started coaching over three years ago the biggest insight I had when working with another coach was the fact that I was a gatherer of research. Gather, gather, gather I would go, needing all the ducks lined up before I took any action. (Well, the action that was going to make the biggest difference for me, let’s not include the productive procrastination shall we?).

My thoughts went something along the lines of:

“If I can juuuuust get it perfect before I begin then I will never make a mistake, I will never muck up, I will never be rejected and I will never have to feel like I’m not good enough.”

If this resonates with you then I want to let you in on something …

When you avoid feeling uncomfortable, or staying with the uncomfortability, you will, just like I did, find yourself procrastinating or doing endless amounts of ‘research’ in an attempt to know everything there is to know before taking action.

But you are only putting off the inevitable while attempting the impossible.

What if you could look at it as being something that wasn’t wrong?

Perhaps being uncomfortable is an opportunity to grow, learn, process and acquire new morsels of information so that you can come out the other side with more knowledge and growth.

The challenge, then, is to learn to stay and be in the uncomfortable space.

Being creative and doing what you love is about being vulnerable and putting yourself out there time and time again. Whether this is in a work environment, in a relationship, or at the beginning of a new venture.

Learn to say “Yes” to opportunities, “Yes” to the universe, “Yes” to love – and then work out how to do it.

There will never be a “time” to act – the day will never come, because you are creating a scenario that doesn’t exist.

There are always going to be mistakes.

There are always going to be people saying “No”

There are always going to be failures.

There are always going to be moments of being uncomfortable.

It is how you choose to perceive it.

Being uncomfortable is the moment just before the magic happens. You are expanding your comfort zone and choosing in this moment to believe in yourself and in your vision.

Just because you make mistakes, things don’t work out, or people say “No”, doesn’t mean that you aren’t good enough.

It means that you are human and giving it a good fucken go.

It is also an opportunity to look at what has happened and make something of it. If someone says no to your offer, you simply try a different person, or tweak your offer.

It’s better to do something now and stumble along the way while slowly becoming more and more epic than to put off doing it forever, because that is what people do and then they tell themselves it was a lost dream and it wasn’t for them anyway.

Well excuse my French but I call bullshit.

Too many of you have talents and creative dreams that are unique and ready to be fulfilled and it is you who needs to do it.

“If not now, when?”

The time is now.

Go get comfortable with the uncomfortable.

And do it.


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2 comments on “It’s time to get comfortable with the uncomfortable

  1. Loved this Tess. Really resonated with my situation this year and with the decision I’ve made about next years direction.

    • Oh wonderful! I’m so glad it resonated with you. Sometimes making the decision is the hardest part. Learning is always an amazing experience so I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. Thanks for the comment 🙂

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