Kind words

The vision work we did a couple of years ago was brought to reality this year. At that time you’d asked me to write as if it were the end of the year and how things looked and felt.

This year has been very positive for Wild At Heart and for my work. I’ve had a fantastic team of project managers, artists and volunteers. Together we worked with many seriously marginalised people to create community, fantastic original music and joy!

We had an end of year dinner together this week – the first time ever for WAH – and it was a really fantastic meeting of all of our projects. This is what I had written about.

I want to thank you for that period of work you did with me. I’ve held that vision in my mind for the past couple of years and am very happy that it was realised for the first time.

- Phil Heuzenroeder, Artistic and Managing Director, Wild At Heart Community Arts

A few months away from handing in my 15,000-word thesis, I felt overwhelmed and anxious. Tess focused me on the source of my fears and gave me practical and emotional strategies to unblock those feelings and get me motivated again. Her warm, reassuring and non-judgemental approach made the sessions fun. Tess’ experience with coaching was complemented with her invaluable academic expertise. I was so excited to deliver my thesis and I thoroughly recommend Tess if you’re facing similar challenges.

- Audrey Foley, Criminologist, Melbourne

Where would I be without this wonderful woman in my life? Answer: still stuck, without any clear goals, frustrated at my inability to get past stifling procrastination, and my creativity hidden away in my self-made prison.

- Jess Parker, Writer, Darwin

I started working with Tess as my coach to help with launching my start up. I didn’t want to do another dry business course and I had the feeling I needed to cut through some blockages that were stopping me from embracing my new path and learning new systems. In a gentle yet direct way, Tess helped move me forward on both sides. She not only helped me set up solid systems in various areas of my business but also helped me work through fears and other issues that were stopping me from really going for it. My mindset changed, as did my relationship to fear, money and self worth and I am currently running a successful business in a balanced and enjoyable way day to day.

- Sarah Dee, Founder, Dee Street

I connected Tess because I really wanted to reconnect with who I am and I felt very lost.  In our very first session, Tess asked me some very insightful questions and immediately connected with the root of my problems – something that I had been trying to do alone for over 2 years.   We worked together on the issues that came up and I felt I made huge progress in a very short space of time.  As a coach, she is kind, caring and intuitive but also pushes you out of your comfort zone and encourages you to move forward and face your fears.  Tess truly has a gift for what she does and I can’t recommend her highly enough.

- Christina Clayton, Coach

“When I started my coaching sessions with Tess I had a lot of fear surrounding my writing, and it had gotten to the point where my fears were impacting my productivity and my career. Tess helped me unpack my fears, examine the impact these fears were having on my life, and transform. I found her questions and insights to be gentle but direct, not to mention spot-on. I’m now finding it easier to write, and have recently achieved one of my goals, publishing an article on Huffington Post.”

- Thea Orozco, Life Coach, Introvertology

“One of our most popular posts of all time.”

- Jaclyn Carlson, Founder Blog Society, Sydney

“Sometimes it’s hard to know what you really want in a career (and in life too). Career direction is ever-evolving alongside our personalities, experience and priorities. I’d been feeling a little restless with my direction, or lack of it. It’s not for a personal lack of drive, or energy, or ambition – just….a lack of purpose. I think as I’ve got a bit older, worked in a range of different environments and become more selective about how my morals and beliefs intertwine with my purpose I realised I’d come to a bit of a standstill. I had a lot of ideas, and drive – but distilling them down and finding that singular purpose within all the background noise and chatter of distractions seemed like an overwhelming task.

After my session with Tess, I realised I didn’t have to compromise on all of the things that I’m passionate about – if anything, they can lead and inform every professional decision I make. By exploring which aspects of my life are so important to me, and why – I was able to see the interconnected patterns in so much of what I’ve done and really refocus my aspirations alongside them.

I was really astounded to finish the session with a very specific aim for the next few years, a business plan to write and a clear reason as to why my new purpose was connected and informed so intrinsically with all that I care about. Tess’s support, reminders and belief in me is so encouraging, and genuine. Where the inevitable doubts and fear start to shift me off focus, the material created in our session and her ongoing contact cuts through it all. I’m at the start of a long journey, but I know why I’m on it, and why I’m the right person for the job and that’s more than I ever could have expected from one session.”

- Edwina FitzPatrick, Event Producer, Melbourne

“Tess Bartlett is an inspired, sensitive and creative coach who has helped me make important changes to my health and happiness. Our sessions have really tangible outcomes that inspire, motivate and guide me. We also have lots of laughs and fun. Tess is great! She’ll make your journey a fulfilling one.”

- Kath Walters, Speaker, Author, Trainer, Melbourne

“I’m someone who gives myself a hard time for ‘making mistakes’ or not ‘having it all together’ and so I was nervous to see a “Life-coach” for fear of being judged. But from the very first few moments Tess’ welcoming and positive nature made me feel safe to take a step back and look at my life with a wider (and more compassionate) lens.

Sharing a session with her was like going to the hairdressers for my soul – I always felt sparkly and re-energized afterward! She has a great way of working WITH you so that you always feel in the driver’s seat and yet held in a process at the same time. She balanced introspective exploration with informative and structured activities to match what I needed in that moment.

Working together with Tess, I was able to look so much more creatively and closely at where I am, where I want to be, what can help me get there, and what gets in my way. I am excited for this next chapter in my life – she has helped Dreams come true!!!”

- Metta, Musician/ Educator, Melbourne

“Each session I have with Tess I feel myself getting closer to feeling ‘at peace’- with others, my life and myself. With Tess’ guidance I am learning how to set a positive mindset, the importance of being compassionate with myself and most of all I have a new found sense of awareness of the destructive thoughts that pass through my mind and how to bring myself back to where I want to be.

Tess’ gentle, reassuring and thoughtful approach has allowed me to view my habits and quirks from a different perspective. Whenever I feel myself slipping, Tess has provided me with the knowledge- an invaluable tool- to forgive myself and return to the state of mind I would rather be in (happy!). I cannot thank her enough!”

- Belle Formica, Visual Merchandiser, Melbourne