Money manifestation course


This course has proven to be hugely effective in changing beliefs about money.

Utilising the law of attraction, manifestation and quantum physics it is designed to get you moving away from what you don’t want and towards all the amazing things that you do want. Once you have done the course you will understand how to manifest money into your life and see a shift in your thinking. Within a month if you continue the routines that I set you up with you will see money flowing into your life.



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Freedom Within Meditation Album

Guided by transformation life and business coach Tess Bartlett, this meditation pack includes four mindfulness meditations to bring calm, peace and freedom to your inner and outer world using self-compassion, full-body scans and mindfulness techniques. Each meditation is unique and will allow you to move into a different state throughout the meditation. The meditations are:

1. Alive and Free (11.41 min)
2. Self-Kindness meditation (12.07 min)
3. Opening to the present moment (12.43 min)
4. Being in the body (10.50 min)



Written by Tess Bartlett, transformation life and business coach for creative women, this EBook is for conscious coaches and creatives who haven’t quite worked out how to start a regular meditation practice. It includes the following:

++ How to create a daily routine
++ The importance of setting achievable goals
++ How to deal with mind chatter
++ PLUS 5 simple steps of mindfulness meditation




#getunstuck creative challenge

20 Days to #getunstuck email challenge

If you are feeling stuck, overcome with self-doubt, insecurity or fear and want to reignite that creative spark you know is living within you then this is for you!!

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