The Power of Intention

Recently I signed up to the Get Fully Booked Academy with the fabulous Lenka Lutonska. Reason being that I have been absolutely loving learning about manifesting, the power of visualisation and how intention setting can change our reality, and I mean REALLY change your reality.

Over the last couple of months I have been setting intentions regarding my business, my PhD, my health and wellbeing and all areas of my life and it to be honest, it is changing my life, and I don’t put that lightly.

To know that I can set an intention and have it happen is somewhat of a shock to me.

I guess I always imagined that life was meant to be a lot more of a struggle. There was a time when I considered work to be synonymous with ‘doing it tough.’ Work was meant to be hard. Making money was hard. Everything was hard and that way of thinking is no fun at all! It also meant that I was creating that very situation.

But over time, my commitment to learning about the law of attraction, quantum physics, manifesting and intention has meant that today when I set intentions I have learned how to experience these goals as if I already have attained them.

This may sound woo woo to you, but I am telling you now that learning how to set intentions that align with you, your values and your purpose has the power to considerably alter the course of your life.

I know it has done for me, and for my clients.

// One current client set intentions with me and that same day sold products.

// Last month I set yearly intentions, goals and wrote a monthly vision and within the month had 1 new client, another client signed on again and two more came back to work with me.

// One past participant in workshop created a yearly vision, only to screw up the paper believing it was shite. Within a year she was living that vision.

// A couple of years ago I had to move out of my house and I didn’t know where I was going to live. I created a House Vision and as I write this I am literally sitting in that house that I imagined.

The mind is a powerful thing and I want you to be able to utilise it so that you can live the life you so deeply desire.

Due to all the new skills I have learned and the work I am offering in my coaching business I have put my prices up to reflect the results that my clients are now getting in their businesses.

I am also expanding the number of clients I take on at once and so am inviting you to get in touch if you are some or all of the following:

A high achiever

You have your own consultancy or business

You are feeling like you have reached your comfort zone or upper limit

You are spiritual, have some spiritual practice, or are open to exploring this

You tend to worry, or have limiting beliefs, about money

You want to create your own version of success

You are ready to take it to the next level and see incredible results

You are a thinker and spend a lot of time analysing or trying to work things out

We will work together to:

Shift limiting beliefs to open and expand your current reality

Create your own version of success and live it

Learn how to manifest and start manifesting money into your life

Navigate the next phase of your growth

Get unstuck and into creative flow

Begin to see the results you truly desire in your life

Develop a daily routine that is nourishing and powerful

Here is what a past client has to say:

The vision work we did a couple of years ago was brought to reality this year. At that time you’d asked me to write as if it were the end of the year and how things looked and felt.

This year has been very positive for Wild At Heart and for my work. I’ve had a fantastic team of project managers, artists and volunteers. Together we worked with many seriously marginalised people to create community, fantastic original music and joy! We had an end of year dinner together this week – the first time ever for WAH – and it was a really fantastic meeting of all of our projects. This is what I had written about.

I want to thank you for that period of work you did with me. I’ve held that vision in my mind for the past couple of years and am very happy that it was realised for the first time.

Philip Heuzenroeder, Artistic and Managing Director, Wild At Heart Community Arts

Together we will create a plan that is unique to you, we will explore your vision, your intentions and develop a daily routine that leaves you feeling AMAZING.

If any of this resonates with you I invite you to book a Free Intention Setting Session with me. In this session we will explore some of your current desires/wants, set some intentions and create options as to how you can bring these into your life. There is no obligation to work with me beyond that, unless of course you are ready and want to.

I look forward to connecting with you.

Tess x






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