What to do when you’re feeling blah

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Lately I have been feeling blah. Yes, that’s right,


I went away on a terrific holiday and since coming back I have been marking lots of essays and haven’t had much time for my business or for writing and this always makes me feel blah.

I continue to make time for meditation and exercise, but when I am not creating there is a part of me that feels forgotten about, unearthed, unfulfilled.

I am like a butterfly who is not allowed to fly … they simply have to sit and watch all the other butterflies fluttering around them with their beautiful wings, floating on air, seeming so magical.

This morning in my meditation a thought passed through my consciousness and it was this.

“Why can’t I just accept that I am feeling blah? Maybe this is my creative self refueling, re-energising, and getting ready for another round of magical flight?”

And this was exactly what I needed to do.

So I set an intention for the day, you might like it too

I allow all feelings to wash over me, I invite all feelings in

This is what I am choosing to do just for today.

We can choose to allow all feelings, good and bad, to exist within us and offer ourselves love, acceptance and compassion for all that is there.

Has anyone else been feeling blah? Have you felt like you have a part of you that is unfulfilled? If so I would love you to share it with me so please comment in the section below and let me know. Sometimes it is good to know there are others out there who feel the same way.

That’s all for now folks,

Tess x

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