Why having a vision is crucial if you want to succeed

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 Those of you who follow me on social media may know that last week I did something that made me feel petrified and excited all at once.

I have been reading The E-Myth by Michael Gerber which I highly recommend for any entrepreneurs, startups, small business owners, or those of you who are looking to do this in the future. In it, he outlines why the majority of small businesses fail and what you can do about it. One thing, in particular, that I loved in his book was his discussion around the vision we have of our business. He believes that when we are absolutely clear and focused on our vision, right from the outset, it allows us to let go of anything that is not serving us along the way. This, for example, might be a project collaboration that does nothing for you creatively or you may find yourself in a position where you are surrounded by people who don’t support and encourage you to do the things you love.

“Great people have a vision of their lives that they practice emulating each and every day. They go to work on their lives, not just in their lives.”

– (Michael Gerber)

After reading this book I had an “Aha” moment because I realised that in August last year I had written my vision for my business and it was BIG and then had put it aside. I hadn’t paid much attention to it since. When the best thing for me to do is to start out with that vision in mind – right now.

Here is part of my vision:

“I work with people who are in prison or have been involved in the criminal justice system and use creativity to train in personal development and goal setting. These workshops give people self-awareness and insight into their lives. The clients I have are in prison and I am partnered with an organisation.

I also work with creative entrepreneurs who are starting out in business. I work with them and using mindfulness, spirituality, and tools that work on developing their authentic selves and assist them in making their businesses thrive. I do this by running workshops for creative entrepreneurs that are holistic and based around mindfulness and writing exercises. I give talks often to groups of creative individuals about mindful living and bringing this into their business. The talks incorporate mindfulness, self compassion, and authenticity.”

With this in mind I sat down, and on a whim, wrote an email to a prison program coordinator outlining a proposed mindful parenting program in prisons.

A couple of months ago I wrote about intuition and my desire to incorporate my creative self with my academic self, you can read about this here. Well this is slowly starting to happen and as well as being a mindful business coach and writer I have worked as a researcher on projects in the criminal justice system for the last 7 years and have always felt compelled to run programs in prisons. For the last 3 years I have been working on a project that looks at the impact on incarceration on children and families and in doing so have realised that there really is an exciting opportunity for me to assist these families with mindfulness and coaching services.

I don’t know where the courage came from when I wrote the email, all I know is that it was a moment of inspiration and tapping into this source of inspiration is something I have been reading about a lot lately and am currently writing a number of articles on. I recently watched the following video (not the greatest quality, but the message comes across loud and clear) and felt particularly drawn to an idea Dr. Wayne Dyer has about creativity. He states that when we feel inspired to create, whenever that may be, then it is our job to create. It is us tapping into our higher source (whatever that may be) and allowing creativity to emerge from within.

Napolean Hill’s advice from Think and Grow Rich also came into my head. I have been repeating a statement morning and night around my business and goals and one statement is “I will follow your plan when it was received.” What I can see now, is that I received it, and I followed it.

It is in these moments that we just have to step outside what feels safe and do the things that scare us. For years I have been too afraid to approach my contacts because I had the thoughts swimming around my head. You know the stories that prevent us from being who we know we are capable of being: “It won’t work,” “you’re not good enough” etc etc.

The next day I received an email saying they would love to talk to me about my program idea. I then went to another organisation and asked them if they would like to work with me on this project. The ball was rolling. The vision is in the forefront of my mind and I am moving toward it.

I don’t know what will come of these actions, but that is not the point. The point is that when I had the moment of inspiration I took it and ran with it and said “Yes” and then worked out how.

What can you do today that you have been putting off because your inner critic is telling you it won’t work? What ONE thing could you do towards it?

Whatever it is, go out and do it xx

“The entrepreneur is our visionary, the creator in each of us. We’re born with that quality and it defines our lives as we respond to what we see, hear, feel, and experience. It is developed, nurtured, and given space to flourish or is squelched, thwarted, without air or stimulation, and dies.”

– (Michael Gerber)

6 comments on “Why having a vision is crucial if you want to succeed

  1. Wow! What an incredible goal. I really want to see what happens. I don’t know a great deal about our criminal justice system other than that it’s failing, that there is far to much emphasis on punishment and not on rehabilitation.

    I hope this comes about. If it does it will change lives.

    • Thank you Amy, it has been a goal for a very long time so very determined about bringing it about. Thanks so much for your comment and encouragement.


    • Hey Karl, I’m glad it resonated with you and you feel inspired, that’s awesome. Thank you for your comment 🙂


      • As always Tess I find your thoughts and actions inspiring. I love too the other quotes you incorporate into your writing supporting your ideas and helping me to sometimes see ways of taking action when I have those moments of inspiration.

        • Thank you very much for the lovely comment. I’m glad my writing is able to inspire you into action. I love writing and I even more than this I love knowing it is helping others be inspired.

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