I am a writer of self-help, personal essay and academic writing and am currently writing a memoir due to release in early 2017. I have had my work published in an anthology of women’s writing as well as in a number of magazines including a yearly feature in The Successful Coach Magazine and several editions of Happiness and Wellbeing Magazine. I offer practical and spiritual tools to guide clients and readers through life’s challenges and am always open to collaboration so please do get in touch via email here

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Jaclyn Carlson Founder and CEO, Blog Society



“I am not my thinking,” published in an anthology of women’s writing edited by Diane Debella and Anora McGaha: “I am Subject Stories: Women Awakening: Discovering our Personal Truths.” September, 2014.

Guest blogs

“Mindfulness and Writing,” Women Writers Women’s Books, April 2015

“3 steps to healthy relationship boundaries,” Relationships Revealed, December 2014

“Why comparison can kill blogging achievement,” Blog Society, October 2014.

“Empower yourself: be the maker of your own destiny,” Clare and the Code, September, 2014


“NLP Modelling: Find Someone you Love and Do what they Do,” The Successful Coach Magazine, Issue 18, November 2015

“How to let go in order to receive,”  The Successful Coach Magazine, Issue 17, September 2015

 “How to live an inspired life,” The Successful Coach Magazine, Issue 15, April 2015

“10 Steps to being fearlessley authentic,” The Successful Coach Magazine, Issue 14, March 2015

“How to win over your inner critic with compassion,” Happiness + Wellbeing Magazine, Happiness Edition, November 2014.

“The spirit of goals,” Happiness + Wellbeing Magazine, The Divine Edition, October 2014.